Best Axe Enchantments Minecraft

Do you want to enchant the axe in Minecraft for getting promotion to the next level? Be happy as I have found the best axe enchantments in Minecraft to make your game more interesting and loving for you. Enchanted axes become more powerful to deal with upcoming hurdles to achieve the task.

Minecraft is a well-known and most famous sandbox game with fully three-dimensional environments where the player has to face enemies for getting promotion to the next level. To kill the enemies the players are given different tools and weapons such as axes, swords, punches and many others.

After death, the mobs drop experience orbs that are used in the enchantment table or book for enchanting the tools and armor. For achieving the goals, the players must have an idea about enchanting the weapons. Different levels have different requirements, such as in some levels the players have to cut woods and trees and have to collect wood based items.

For this purpose, an axe is given to the player. To strengthen the axe by enchanting it with the help of different enchantments is a more amazing and adorable task.

Minecraft’s enchantments provide the ability for the tool to become more strong and active. There are a lot of enchantments in the anvil or enchantment table that you can apply over the axe to make it durable. The enchantments mostly available for the axe are four obsidian, two diamonds, and one book. You can create anvils via three iron blocks and four iron ingots.

Top 7 Axe Enchantments use in Minecraft

Axes available in Minecraft are usually of wooden, gold, stone, iron and diamond. Most people use diamond axes for longevity and playing well. The main purpose of using axes is making logs and wood.  Following are the top best axe enchantments Minecraft that will increase mining potential as well as produce more damage than that of sword.



For enhancing the mining speed of the player, one of the best axe enchantments is efficiency. It enhances the rate of mining and saves the time of breaking the mining stuff. You can search this enchantment from the enchantment table or book.

Bane of Arthropods

Bane of Arthropods

Minecraft is full of thrills, challenges and weapons for dealing with them. While cutting the wood and trees, arthropods also come in the way of the player. Bane of arthropods enchanted the axe to make it more powerful for fighting against the arthropod mobs. The mobs that come as a challenge are silverfish, cave spider, spider and ender mites. It enhances the hit damage by 2.5 at each level. It is used to slow down the mobs 5s/level. This item is available at maximum level 5.


Best Axe Enchantments in Minecraft

The main purpose of the axe in Minecraft is to cut wood and fight with mobs. Sharpness is the best axe enchantment that makes it sharp and active for both tasks. This enchantment is good and effective for both sword and axe.

Whenever any mob comes in contact with the axe after enchantment, it immediately dies.  The enchanted axe causes a lot of damage and during damage it doesn’t discriminate between any enemies.

It causes extra three damage in java edition, while causes up to six damage in bedrock edition. Sharpness can’t be put along with the bane of arthropods and smite.


Best Axe Enchantments Minecraft

The other one, the best axe enchantment, is fortune. It is available mostly for pickaxes and enhances the power of pickaxe for cutting ore blocks. It is not effective for a simple axe that is used for cutting wood and wood items. If you cut wood with a fortune axe, it will give the same thing as that to a simple one and is not effective for achieving other goals. So never try to enchant it on a simple axe used for cutting wood.


Best Axe Enchantments Minecraft

The other enchantment that is known for enchanting axes is Smite. It enhances the mobs more than that of diamond pickaxe. It helps the player for adventure in the Nether.

Furthermore, it is especially used for those mobs which never die, or you may say undead mobs such as zombies, zombie villagers, wither skeleton, wither, skeleton and many others.

This axe enchantment is not compatible with bane of arthropod and sharpness. The mobs that require two or three strikes to kill them are usually killed by one strike with a smite V enchanted axe.

Curse of Vanishing

Curse of Vanishing

This enchantment causes the items to disappear after death. Player can take it if he wants to disappear. You can apply it on the pumpkin also. The highest level I is the max level of this enchantment. It is not more useful, but you can use it for fun.

Silk Touch

Silk touch Minecraft axe Enchantment

This enchantment is used by builders who want to spare their resources. It allows the player to mine or separate a block from the whole building. It is useful for diamond axes, but not for wood axes.

Final Verdict

Before selection of the enchantment, the situation and demand of the time matters a lot. So choose the one that may enhance the power of the axe more and save your time.

Frequently Asks The Questions:

What is the best axe enchantment?

Mending and bane of arthropods are the best axe enchantments.

Is smite more useful than sharpness?

Both are equally useful, but smite is beneficial for killing the undead mobs.


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