Best Bow Enchantments Minecraft

Minecraft is the most popular sandbox game where to win it is necessary to combat the rivals by using strong weapons. In Minecraft, many weapons are used such as sword, shovel, bow, pickaxe, and others. The players can choose anyone according to the need and rival to whom they are competing.

The bow is the favorite weapon of the players in Minecraft as it is easy to craft and available in the world of Minecraft. Fighting with mobs is the most powerful weapon. It is amazing to know that you can enhance the bow behavior through enchanting infinity. In this article, there are some best enchantments in Minecraft that increase the performance of the players.

For getting more output, you can enchant the bow through different tools available for enchantment. These tools come in the middle of the game and enhance the performance of the player. They help the bow to get its goal. After the 30 levels of the game, the players are facilitated with a huge number of enchantments. Not all the enchantments are suitable for a bow; there are also some that are not good for bow performance.


Best Bow Enchantments Minecraft

The enchantments upgrade the bow to the next level. In the early part of the game, bow and arrow are scarce and enchantments play a very important role in keeping the arrow in the inventory.

Some of the best enchantments that help the player in enhancing the strength of bows are flame, power, infinity, mending, unbreaking, punch, and many more. These enchantments are effective for enhancing the power of the bow and making the hitting power of arrows.


For enchantment of bow, there are many amours and flame is one of them. It enchanted the bow and turned the arrows into flaming arrows which play an important role in killing animals such as chicks or cows and dropping their cooked version in the form of meat.

The flaming arrows damage the targets and apply burn for five seconds. It is the biggest source of increasing the damage output. This enchantment flames all the flaming objects and all the mobs.

One of the drawbacks of it is that flame prevents the XP orbs from dropping, and this thing prevents its promotion and high ranking. The flaming arrows damage TNT and deal two hearts fire damage in 5- seconds.


The enchantment that plays a very important role in increasing the damage output of the bow is power. It involves less usage of arrows and kills the enemies more speedily and easily.

The bow gets power from level 5 of the game. With the gain of power, the hearts fill completely and without power, the player loses half of the heart due to damage. Due to low loss of heart, the bow’s damage decreases up to critical points. It amazingly hits 12 hits with only the loss of half heart.

This enchantment is perfect if you want to fight for a long time, so get it during Minecraft as soon as possible. You can also get power by using Anvil. For getting the level 5 enchantment, combine two separate bows of level 4.


Infinity means the protection of the arrow to fight for a long time. If you have infinity enchantment, then you can get rid of consuming traditional arrows and use only one arrow. With infinity, the player becomes able to use one arrow in his inventory.

It not only provides more convenience but also saves resources and time. Keep in mind that you can’t use mending and infinity in combined form in one bow, but you can use one from them along with other enchantments.

The infinity makes the player enable for a strong advantage against its opponent and this gets enemies in fear. These enchantments during the game make it more interesting for players.


It is one of the best universal enchantments for all weapons, especially bows. It helps the player in getting the XP that is earned from mining and killing mobs and helps in repairing the weapons.

The experience points gain during rehabilitating the weapon provide durability to the bows. But these experience points don’t go towards the weapons and XP bars until mending will never occur.

This treasure enchantment is not available on the table, to get them you have to search for it in the Minecraft world. The player will get it from level 1.


It is also one of the greatest enchantments for all the weapons, including bows and arrows. This enchantment provides protection to the weapons and repairs the weapon before it breaks.

An arrow can fire to the enemy 384 in typical form, while by gaining unbreaking the arrow can be fired about 786 times without breaking. Taking unbreaking III enchantment expands this action 1536 times.

It keeps the bow in a good position during the battle which reduces the expenditure of other enchantments, and hence the player can win more levels without losing during the game.


This enchantment enhances the damage rate and kills more enemies by causing the bows to knock back enemies. Punch increases the level of knock-back up to six by three blocks at each level.

At the peak, this enchantment pushes the enemy about 6- blocks back. It is a very dangerous weapon for enemies as it separates the enemy at bay and can throw it into the lava or off a cliff just with one hit. It helps the player to keep the foe away from them.

Furthermore, it is available up to level 2. It protects the player while an enemy is chasing him and while pushing the foe into the ground, holes, off the cliff, or lava. It is most amazing to play by using the bow if the bow is enchanted with a punch.


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