Best Enchanting Room in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most played games these days that people love for their enjoyment and for spending their free time. This game is full of challenges and many weapons and tools are available for the player to fight the upcoming challenges.

The weapons help the player to damage the enemies and mobs for getting more scores and items to achieve the max level. You can enchant the weapons or tools via different enchantments. Every tool has different types of enchantments that the player can use according to the required situation. Therefore, you can make your own best enchanting room in Minecraft. Let’s have a look at how you can build your enchanting room in Minecraft and what things you should require for this.

Before you use enchantments, keep in mind that enchanting materials need preparation. It is better to build the enchantment table that will help you in knowing the perfect enchantments according to the situation and use them whenever you need them.

There are some requirements of equipping the enchanting room Minecraft that will also help you to get max level in the game.  The max level of enchantment option is 30 and to reach that you need 15 bookshelves around the 1 block apart enchanting table.

How To Make The Enchantment Table?

In the enchanting table, only 15 bookshelves are enough to reach the max level. While adding more bookshelves around the table will be only a display as they have no benefit.

You need 4 Obsidian, 2 Diamonds, and a Book in a Crafting Table, in combined form. After that, place a bookshelf block around the enchanting table by maintaining the tile of air between both. It will enhance the level by +2. If your room has more space, then you can place other bookshelves to complete the design. The other building that is more common is the library.

The 15- cap limit facilitates the players with a lot of common designs that you can adopt for making your room more attractive. It is totally up to you whether you want to surround the table with extra books or not. You can also keep the open design of the room. There are many enchantments that help the players to reach the max.

The other way is to increase the XP level. The 30 XP level unlocks more enchantments for the players. Selection of the material for enchantments is also very important. Gold has more enchant ability followed by Nethrite, then leather & chain that are for armors and wood and iron for tools and weapons.

It is amazing to know that each item has multiple enchantments and each has a specific type of power that it delivers to the tools and makes them strong and powerful for fighting with mobs and opponents.

These enchantments have different types of levels, such as for sharpness the max level is V, and it has more potential for damage at this level.                                 

Best Enchanting Room Minecraft

Some Tips About The Best Enchanting Room In Minecraft

After building the enchanting room, the next thing that matters a lot is to decide the place of the room.

Suppose you stumble or have any difficulty like that then it is necessary to build the enchanting room next to you as it will help you to enchant your weapon fast without wasting time. You will not need to run to the base, as if your enchanting room is away from the zombie grinder, it will waste your time.

If you never want to have useless or extra enchanting books in your enchanting room, then you can add a sugar cane farm or lava pit. It will help you in keeping the enchanting book for you as it is the biggest source of crafting more books.

You can’t keep the bookshelves directly in front of the enchanting table or 2 blocks high as the enchanting table would not be able to detect it.

Bookshelves detect the block of air at the sides of the table and thus enhance the enchanting table. When the bookshelves enhance the table, the glyph particles are seen floating from the bookshelves to the table that is in red circle form which shows that the table is enhanced.

It is necessary to know that objects such as torch, fences, carpets, and all others directly block the effect of bookshelves on the enchanting table if they are placed in between spaces such as if you will put a torch or place a carpet around the table the effect of bookshelves will not reach to table until you remove that object.

The other most loving design of the enchanting room is the implementation of Redstone functionality. It is preferred by those players who want high-tech functionality.  The Redstone lamps are empowered by connecting them directly to the main line.

How Can You Enchant Items In Minecraft?

Before enchanting the items by the enchanting table, you must have player experience or levels, Lapis Lazuli. It makes the table durable and powerful. Every enchantment has a different max level.

To get the enchantment from the enchanting table, right-click on the table and place the item in the first slot.  There, three enchantments appear for you to select.

You can pick one or two according to the situation. To unlock the different available enchantments, place 1-3 Lapis Lazuli in the second slot. To check whether it is available for the item or not, click on the enchantment.

Enchantment list:

Here is a complete list of enchantments that make the room best. At first, it looks difficult to make or design an enchantment room and with the passage of time, it becomes easy.

EnchantmentApplicable ItemsIncomplete WithMax Level
UnbreakingAll weapons, armor, and tools 3
MendingAll weapons, armor, and toolsInfinity1
Curse of VanishingAll weapons, armor, and tools 1
Fire AspectSword 2
Knock backSword 2
LootingSword 3
Sweeping Edge (Java only)Sword 3
Bane of ArthropodsSword, AxeSharpness, Smite5
SharpnessSword, AxeBane of Arthropods, Smite5
SmiteSword, AxeBane of Arthropods, Sharpness5
Efficiency (Axe)Axe 5
ImpalingTrident 5
RiptideTridentChanneling, Loyalty3
FlameBow 1
PowerBow 5
PunchBow 2
Quick ChargeCrossbow 3
Efficiency (Tools)Tools 5
FortuneToolsSilk Touch3
Silk TouchToolsFortune1
Luck of the SeaFishing Rod 3
LureFishing Rod 3
Curse of BindingArmor* 1
Blast ProtectionArmorOther Protection enchants4
Fire ProtectionArmorOther Protection enchants4
Projectile ProtectionArmorOther Protection enchants4
ProtectionArmorOther Protection enchants4
Aqua AffinityHelmet, Turtle Shell 1
RespirationHelmet, Turtle Shell 3
ThornsChest Plate, Armor* 3
Depth StriderBootsFrost Walker3
Frost WalkerBootsDepth Strider2
Feather FallingBoots 4
Soul SpeedBoots 3

How can we make the Best Enchantment Room?

For the best enchantment room, the number of bookshelves should be 15, and they must be placed 1 block apart.

How Much Leather Is Required For Making 15 Bookshelves?

Build your own cow farm to get 90 planks, 45 leather, and 135 papers for 15 bookshelves.


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