Best Enchantments For Sword

What is the best enchant for sword Minecraft? Is the question mostly asked by the new players of Minecraft and all those who want to get promotion to the next levels? Minecraft is one of the awesome games for personal computers, launched in 2011 for fun, adventure, and enjoyment of youth. 

The only way to get success is by killing the mobs. For killing the mobs, different weapons are given to the player. These weapons or fighting tools help the player to attain more progress by passing through different situations and are specific for different purposes. 

You can enchant the weapons with the help of enchantments available for these tools. Sword is one of the most amazing tools to kill the mobs. In this article, we will talk about the best enchantments for sword Minecraft to make it more useful for the players.

Six types of swords are available for players including iron, wood, diamond, gold, stone, and netherite.

Sword is one of the most favorite weapons of Minecraft that is used for mining the cobweb or bamboo and damaging the entities & mobs.

The mobs leave experience orbs after the death of mobs, by mining and by defeating the players resulting in XP. Diamond swords are more powerful than all the others. Enchantment of the sword enhances the power of the weapon and results in more success for the sword. 

Enchant is used for magical influence under a spell, and to captivate the effect of the weapon. You can enchant items in Minecraft by building the enchantment table. It makes the tool or weapon strong enough to deal with every type of fighter and mobs coming in the way of the player.  

Best Enchantments For Sword

Best Enchantments For Sword

Different enchantments are used to make the sword more sharp and active and enhance the durability of the weapon. For enchanting the sword you need the following things in your inventory such as Enchantment table, Obsidian, Diamonds, Books, Stick, Bookshelves, and Lapis Lazuli.

Looting III

This enchantment helps the sword in looting the mobs after its death. After the death of mobs, they drop items, and looting III allows the sword to collect more and more items. It is maximized for the player at level 3. It has no effect on the EXP drop. For increasing the possibility of killing the mobs, these items help the player a lot. Although with a single sword the player can collect the orbs, an enchanting sword allows for collecting more orbs or items than the regular one.

Sweeping Edge III

The other best enchantment for the sword is sweeping edge III exclusive to the Java edition. It facilitates the player’s weapon with a powerful sweep that helps to inflict the undead mobs or monsters in one sweep. It does more damage with a sweep attack.

Fire Aspect II

The most amazing enchantment that is only available for swords is fire aspect II. It sets the target on fire when the player attacks the target to damage it.

Due to this, the animal mobs after the attack immediately set themselves on fire and cooked and saved the fuel resources.

Much care is required while using it because while fighting with other players or mobs, if accidentally the sword touches you, it will turn you into the fire. It doesn’t affect the mobs in the Nether, but still it works well on skeletons and endermines in the over world.

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Unbreaking III

The other best enchantment in the world of Minecraft is unbreaking. It protects the sword from breaking and enhances its life span. It enhances the longevity tenfold and allows the player to kill more and more mobs without damaging the tool. Furthermore, it is better to choose this enchantment at its max level to play the game as long as possible.

Bane of Arthropods

Minecraft is a challenging game where players have to face a lot of challenges to pass the level. It is used to enhance the power of the sword to kill the cave spider, spider cobweb, silverfish, and ender mites. It is only useful for spider farms. You can enchant it by trading.

Knock Back II

This enchantment is also specifically known for swords in Minecraft. It enhances the distance between the enemies and the player. It protects the player when he is fighting with a drowned skeleton. When you will be at distance from the mobs, they can’t attack you.

Curse of Vanishing

It is one of the most favorite enchantments as it helps the player to protect their weapon in case of death or if someone is fighting with you to get your sword. In other cases, it is not useful for the player. The max level for this enchantment is I.

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After enchanting the sword with the curse of vanishing, the player can drop his weapon if he is about to die. The sword will disappear within a second and this thing will disappoint the opponent who wants to get the sword of the player.


Smite enhances the sword of the player and makes it more powerful to kill and damage the undead mobs such as zombies, and skeletons from the zombie’s farm. It is not possible to damage the undead mobs without enchanting them with smites enchantment. You can also get sharpness to deal with other mobs and can use multiple enchantments for multipurpose swords.

Final Thoughts

Minecraft is one of the most popular games these days and people want more and more advanced features to save themselves from the attack of mobs and want to damage their opponents more and more. These enchantments are helpful for the players to protect them from mobs.

Which Sword Enchantment Is Best For Zombies And Undead Mobs?

Smite enchantment enhances the power of the sword to make it strong enough for dealing with the undead mobs.

What Are The Best Enchantments For Sword Minecraft?

The best enchantments for sword Minecraft are looting, sweeping edge, the bane of Arthropods, fire aspect, smite and knock back.

What Is More Suitable For A Smite Or Sharpness For A Sword?

Sharpness is more suitable for a sword, as smite is a rare enchantment for a sword.


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