Best Light Source Minecraft

Do you want to protect yourself from the monsters while playing Minecraft? What can save you from the attack of big monsters, this question is asked by newbie players?

In Minecraft, many light sources are available for the players in different shapes, as light is the biggest way to get rid of monsters. Monsters and zombies attack in the dark, and with a good light supply you can reduce their appearance.

In this article, you will know about the best light source in Minecraft that will help you to lighten your Minecraft house, and then you can bitterly fight with mobs and enemies.

The Minecraft house is illuminated by the blocks present in the wall of the house, and it varies from a high intensity level to a low intensity level. Some blocks emit more light and some emit less light. In this game, a daytime and nighttime system is available that may make the game a pleasure and intensive for some players and dangerous for others.

During nighttime specifically the effective use of light can turn the gameplay positively while if your light is not proper it may become dangerous for the player. Light effects to main mechanics of the game; mob spawning and farming. The light helps the players in mining, new caves, digging, while searching dungeons, and all the deeper levels.

There are some plants and vegetables that only grow at the level of light such as melon, pumpkin, biomes, sapling, wheat, carrot, and beetroots. Without light, they will not grow effectively, which may damage your progress in the game.

In the daytime enough sunlight is provided in the farms at night and requires some extra light items but to work in the farms at night requires some extra light items.

Light is the only factor that affects the spawning of some mobs and other creepers also. Spawning of the mobs depends upon the light area. Some creepers, witches, zombies, skeleton, spider and starfish attack in the level 7 where light intensity is low as these are night animals and become more active at night.

Similarly, the passive mobs such as sheep, mushrooms, chicken, cows, pigs and horses spawn according to the biome. It shows the importance of light for the safety of the player in Minecraft.

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Best Light Source Minecraft

There are a lot of sources of light in Minecraft, but the main source is the sun. But the sun delivers light during daytime and at night or when the player is playing deep underground, then both of these times’ sunlight is not available for the player. That’s why the other sources are there to help the player in this situation.


One of the best Minecraft light sources available for players in the crafting table is Lava. Due to its flowing nature, it is used as the light source for lighting the house. Its highest level is 15, and it emits red light at high temperatures.

Along with lighting the places, it also stops the spawning of the mobs. But keep in mind that if your house is made up of the wooden planks or flammable blocks, then in these cases you can’t use lava as the light source.

Sea Lanterns

This source of light gives the player the brightest light level of 15. These are amazing light blocks that can be obtained from Primaries Shard and Prismarine Crystals that provide the light underwater. These are easily crafted by the tool with a silk touch enchantment. It can enlighten the conduit underwater.

Redstone Lamp

Let’s talk about the other best light source that works only after receiving the Redstone signals, and it is called the Redstone lamp. Its highest light level is also 15. It is in the form of a block and can make light on both the interior and exterior sides. Most people compare the bright light of a lamp with that of sunlight.

This high intensity light source also helps in stopping the spawning of the mobs. But the player has to do some work to make this light source.

For the player has to collect the crafting grid 3*3, make the glow stone blocks with the help of Glow stone dust from Nether and then placing the 4- red stones around the glow stone block will make the correct arrangement.

Jack O’ Lanterns

You can decorate your Minecraft with this best bright light source that also acts as source of light in dark. You can craft it easily for lightening the blocks of Minecraft.

These Halloween-inspired blocks help the player to get rid of deadly mobs and is also useful for summoning an iron golem or a snow golem. It is most useful for providing enough light for the growth of pumpkins underwater.

Campfire Level

I think the most dangerous task in Minecraft is to deal with undead mobs such as skeletons and zombies, especially at night. But campfire level at 15 has made it easy for the players.

These building blocks can also be used as decorative blocks, and they release ten smoke signals into the atmosphere. It brightens the dungeons and all such places at night and also stops the spawning of undead mobs and helps the player to get rid of them. It is a new light source that was added recently in the game.

End Rod

End rods available at max level of 14 are used to light up the Minecraft location. These light blocks emit a light level of 14 and produce light due to emission of white tiny particles. These blocks are easily available during dark or night in the cities and Minecraft.


The common source of light is a torch in Minecraft that is easily available and crafted via coal/charcoal and stick. It acts as navigation, mining the gravel and sand and as an exploring tool.

This light tool is profitable for the gameplay as it is cost-effective and available at level 14. It stops the mobs from spawning and helps to detect the presence of enemies in the dark. But you can’t use it underwater and also can’t hold it in the hand. So it is better to place them in any of the blocks for your ease.

Sea Pickle

Sea pickles are underwater stationary creatures that emit light, that’s why they are termed as light sources. At level 6 the number of sea pickles is lower while at 9, 12 and 15, it gradually increases.

These are only sources underwater for light production, so you can spawn them by placing 2-3 sea pickles in the potted plant where they get free oxygen. But they don’t provide the light on the surface, so never waste your time on them if you need light on the surface.


Selection of the light source depends upon the requirement of time and situation. Never choose the light source that can provide light only in water if you want light on the surface.

Frequently Asks Questions

What is the max level of campfire and Jack O’ lantern?

The max level of both of these light sources is 15, and they provide high intensity of light.

Which blocks are mostly preferable for lighting an area in Minecraft?

Glow stone, red stones and sea lanterns are mostly preferable due to high level 15.


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