Unleash Your Creativity with the Best Minecraft Banners for Ultimate Base Decoration

Minecraft is a game of creativity where players are allowed to create their own builds that can help them fight with their enemies and allies so that they may get success. These builds not only give a decorative appearance to the Minecraft house but also create fear in the heart of the enemies. 

Banners are also among those crafts of Minecraft. Banners are 2*1 block placeable objects that the player can choose according to their own choice to give a creative look. In this article, you will learn about the best Minecraft banners to decorate your base.

Minecraft has about 150 types of blocks, some of them are for crafting materials and some are for decorations. Banners are good examples of these blocks that can be customized before actual use. 

The banners can be placed on blocks, ceilings, shields, and walls. These banners are added in 1.8 Minecraft. It is not easy to craft the banners and a lot of things are required for their crafting such as 6 Wool (all the same color), 1 stick, 2 strings, 2 Wooden Planks, Dye (any color), Paper(Optional), and Banner Pattern Ingredients (Optional).

For making the banners in the Minecraft Java edition, use a loom. While for Whilst Bedrock Edition, you can use a loom and crafting tables. You can start with any wool color or matching colors for banners.

For customization, put the banners inside the loom and any dye of your own choice. After that, select the patterns for banners and apply them to the banners. For dual patterns at one time, apply the 1 pattern first and then apply the pattern number 2.

Best Minecraft Banners

Banners are required for navigation and decorations inside the house. For the banners, 16 colors are available, and 6 different patterns. For customized banners, special techniques are required, and this feature makes the game more adoring and loving.

Fox Banner

Best Minecraft Banners

It is one of the best banners for Minecraft that gives a great appearance to the gameplay. It is made up of 6 different layers of patterns. Furthermore, it is crafted from wool, and the wool’s color affects the design of the banner.

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Villager Banner


If you want to create a village Minecraft, then one of the best banners that you can also hang on the walls of the village Minecraft is the villager banner.

After crafting and applying designs, it looks exactly like villagers. You can craft this banner with the help of six wools placed in the top two rows, and one stick in the bottom slot of your crafting table.

Monster Energy Banner


The monster energy banner is introduced by Dreamwolfhd and inspires the people a lot. It gives the player a creative output.

This banner is made up of five pieces of Inc sac, a piece of vine, and 6 pieces of lime wool. All the items required for this banner are easily accessible and amazing to prepare as it takes three steps to complete it.

Animal Mobs

In Minecraft, all we know is that animal mobs attack the player and come as a challenge. The main purpose is to achieve the high goal, but the player has to fight with all the undead and animal mobs for the highest points.


If you want to get a more vibrant and attractive look, you can craft animal mobs and farm animals on the banner. You can craft a separate banner for the different animal farms such as cow farms, horse farms, pig farms, or sheep farms.

But still, there is some difficulty in crafting something such as creepers on the sheep’s head due to hard crafting material.

Pokémon Banner

There will hardly be a person who doesn’t know about Pokémon. It is one of the most played games and is liked by youngsters a lot. It also appears in other customizable games such as Minecraft.


If you are a big fan of both these games, then you can craft Pokémon banners with the help of even mods in Minecraft that appear when the player walks on the grass.

It helps the player to craft 3D Pokémon designs via seven layers. These layers require white wool, ink sac, bone meal, and rose-red to create the Pokémon banner.

Tardis Banner

It is an obvious thing that when you are a fan of something, you want it in every game. The same is the case with Tardis. It is the most popular television show that is termed as time and relative dimension in space.


It is a Doctor Who is a series and for the fans of this science fiction series, Minecraft allows the player to build or craft Tardis banners.

Or this banner the player needs bricks, bone meal, lapis lazuli, and an ink sac, and these items make the creation of the banner a funny and entertaining project.

Minecraft Ender Dragon Flag

Have you defeated the ender dragon and want to make this moment memorable for you? It is a great time for you to craft the flag of the Ender Dragon. This banner helps the new player and teaches them how to use different patterns for further banner-making.

Minecraft Ender Dragon Flag

This banner can be crafted with the help of purple dye, ink sac, oxeye daisy, vines, and black wool and all these items make this banner in 13 layers. It is one of the most amazing banners for Minecraft players.

Final Words

There are a lot of banner designs available for the players for a fun and decorative look. Banners teach the players a lot about how to use the items on the crafting table for creativity and fun.

Frequently Asks Questions

Are Banners Useful For Minecraft?

Yes, banners along with providing the best decorative look also act as fuel in furnaces.

How Can I Make The Banners?

For making banners, 6 wool, stick, sting, and wooden planks and dyes are required.

Can I Take Off A Banner From The Shield?

Yes, shields can be repaired by combining the other shields, and it takes off the banner from the shield.


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