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How To Fix A Connection Issue With Your PS4 Lan Cable?

Looking for a way to extend your PlayStation 4 wireless connection? PS4 LAN cables may be just what you need. These cables allow users to connect their PlayStation 4 consoles together over a local area network, providing an extra layer of security and stability for online gaming sessions.

Additionally, these cables are often cheaper than purchasing separate wireless adapters and antennas for each console, making them a great option for budget-minded gamers.

PS4 LAN cable is not connected, then it’s not a major issue. Try the following tricks to enjoy the best gaming experience.

A PlayStation 4 user may have trouble connecting to the internet or other gamers on the same network through their LAN cable. The problem is that a new update for the console has caused some devices, like routers, to stop working with PS4s. This means that users must either use Wi-Fi or rely on Bluetooth connections. Sony is aware of the issue and is working to fix it.

How To Fix A Connection Issue With Your PS4 Lan Cable

Methods to fix PS4 LAN connection:

If your PS4 LAN is not connected then it is better to try these hacks to get results.

Assign a Static IP Address to Your PS4

If you have an electrical cord that is not connected, switching your static IP address may be your solution. A static IP address is similar to a dynamic IP address in the sense that your router will not be configured when the address changes. You will need to change your PS4 local IP address.

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On the first menu, select NetworkView Connection Status

Make note of the IP address, along with the network mask, and default gateway, and then go back. On the following screen, 

Select Set up Internet Connection > Use a LAN cable

Then select Custom, and then Manual.

Now, your IP address is inputted. It does not have to be the exact number. The first three numbers must be identical, but the last three numbers may be entered individually and can be from 2-255. Once entered, the IP address associates itself with the subnet mask, which you copied earlier.

Domain Name System IP address placeholders, for example, Cloudflare or Google positively, can assist with DNS issues. Profile speed is also taken into account when you’re changing your DNS. Below is a simple tutorial on how to change your DNS.

Next, you need to choose from the Boston button. MTU automatic PROXY SERVER DO NOT USE.

Make Sure the Database is Rebuilt

The computer may be set up with PS4 won t up or configured with a USB if a USB cable is connected to your console. This may take up to one and a half hours. Here’s how to do it Initially, when the PS4 is off, press down on the power button for approximately ten seconds.

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When you hear a second sound, the game console will open in safe mode. Connect the Sony PS4 to a USB cable. Press down on the Play Station button on your controller. If you’re using an Xbox One controller, scroll down to click the controller’s D button. Using your right thumbstick, click > rebuild the database. To exit Database Spotlight, press the X button.

Next, sign in to your PSN account, and then using a LAN cable, hook up your PS4. Can you locate your games on your console account? Restore them by connecting your PS4 with these steps.

Pick the Desired DNS settings for use on a PS4.

Domain Name System IP address placeholders, for example, Cloudflare or Google positively, can assist with DNS issues. Profile speed is also taken into account when you’re changing your DNS. Below is a simple tutorial on how to change your DNS.

Pick a link in the Network Connection setup setting to set up a wired connection network cable select a custom option to select automatic IP address settings do not pick an explicit DHCP hostname. In the DNS tab, select manual.

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Primary DNS is, and secondary DNS is Under the MTU tab, select Automatic. Select Use proxy does not use Now check your internet connection to see if the PS4 LAN cable connection has been resolved.

Use Reboot

If your PlayStation 4 is not connected to the internet, you can try rebooting the console. This will usually fix connectivity problems. If it doesn’t work, you should try the next steps.

First, extract the power cable from the router and then put it back after 10 seconds. This will help begin the reboot. Wait until your router reboots, and then use the steps listed below. Go to Setup > Network > Set Up a LAN Connection > Easy ®  will show you an Internet connection has been set up notification.

Check for Power Issues

If your PlayStation 4 is not connected to the internet and it’s not in sleep mode, check if there is any power issue with the unit.

If you have any problems connecting your PlayStation 4 to the network using the LAN connection, you can try reinstalling the operating system.

Reinstalling the system software will remove all the data stored on your hard drive, so we ask that you do not perform the procedure when everything has broken down.

To reinstall the PlayStation 4 system software, you will need a computer with an internet connection and a USB drive used for downloading the updated file from PlayStation’s website.

To learn more about the console, see the video below and then follow our instructions.

Another helpful method to investigate is when to connect an additional accessory to your connection. If doing so fixes the issue, then your PS4 console is malfunctioning. Otherwise, it is the connection to a nearby device causing the issue, and it is time to contact your Internet service provider (ISP).

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If you are having problems with your PS4 LAN cable, there are a few things that you can do to try and fix the issue. First, make sure that your cables are properly connected and that the ports are not blocked. Next, try using a different LAN cable or switch to another port on your router. If all of these steps fail, then you may need to get in touch with PlayStation support.


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