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Inexpensive Ways to Prevent Ps4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting From PC

Gaming is one of the most immersive forms of entertainment today. One of the ways that gaming is more immersive today than ever is in how immersive the gaming experience is by using a virtual reality headset. One of the most recent headsets with this technology is the ps4 virtual reality headset.

However, one of the most concerning issues with these new gaming systems is the connection between the pc and the ps4 controller. This blog will cover the causes of “fix the ps4 controller keeps disconnecting from pc.”

PS4 Controller disconnections might be something that interrupts your gaming sessions a lot. When you are playing a game with a controller and are playing well, it can be frustrating when your controller disconnects. It is the reason why you need to know the cause of the disconnections so that you can fix them. Here are the causes of ps4 controller disconnections so you can iron them out.

ps4 controller keeps disconnecting from pc

What are the Causes of the Ps4 Controller keeps Disconnecting from Pc

The cause of the ps4 controller disconnecting from pc can be several things. Here are some causes of the ps4 controller disconnecting from the PC.

Inadequate Bluetooth Configuration

The Bluetooth configuration on your PC might be faulty. It can be the cause of your controller disconnecting from the PC. Using the Bluetooth configuration tool, you can check if your Bluetooth configuration is correct. As a result, we recommend resetting the connections list and checking to see if the problem has been resolved.

Bluetooth Drivers

Your Bluetooth drivers might be outdated. It is the most common cause of the ps4 controller disconnecting from the pc. The drivers are usually found in the Windows device manager. Using the device manager, you can check to see if the drivers are outdated. You can also try to update the drivers by using the Windows Update feature.

Bluetooth is disabled

The other reason you might not be able to play any games is that Bluetooth is disabled on your PC. You can enable Bluetooth by going to the device manager and clicking on the Bluetooth option. Then, you can enable Bluetooth.

List of Connections

The list of connections might be incorrect. The list of connections can be inaccurate if you have the wrong Bluetooth address. It is why you might not be able to play any games. You can try to resolve the issue by using the Bluetooth configuration tool.

Configurations for Bluetooth

The other reason you might not be able to play any games is that the Bluetooth configuration is incorrect. The Bluetooth configuration is the settings that you have for your Bluetooth device. You can find the Bluetooth configuration by using the Bluetooth configuration tool. You can also use the Bluetooth configuration tool to update the Bluetooth configuration.

Controller Error

The other reason you might not be able to play any games is that the controller is not working correctly. It can result from the controller being damaged or having a malfunction. You can check to see if the controller is working correctly by using the controller. You can also try to replace the controller if the problem is still there.

Fixing the Issues of Ps4 Controller keeps Disconnecting from Pc (Bluetooth)

Now that you know the causes of the ps4 controller disconnecting from pc, it is time to fix the issues. Here are some fixes you can use to fix the problems. People who use a Bluetooth controller frequently experience connection problems. Here is the solution

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Install DS4windows and the most recent Bluetooth drivers

  • To resolve this issue, you must install ds4Windows with the most recent driver version.
  • Connect your controllers using this program and see if the PS4 controller keeps disconnecting. The problem has been resolved.
  • And if your device uses outdated Bluetooth drivers or has no wireless drivers, you must download them.

PS4 Controller Reset

You can try resetting the controller if the problem is not resolved using the above solutions.

  • You can use the reset button at the back of the controller to do this. To reset the controller, you must press the button for at least 6 to 7 seconds.
  • And then release the button to restart.
  • Turn “ON” your PS4 to see if the controllers work correctly.

Restart the PS4 console

  • Hold down the power button on your PS4 console. On the second beep from the console, you can release it.
  • Next, unplug the PS4 power supply and disconnect the faulty controllers from the console.
  • Wait four to five minutes before plugging in the power source and reconnecting the controllers to the console.
  • Finally, turn on the PS4 and check if the controllers are working correctly.

Restore the PS4 to its factory settings

If the controllers are still not working properly, you can restore the PS4 to its factory settings.

  • Go to the “System Settings” option and click “Initialization.”
  • From Initialization, click on “Restore Default Settings.”
  • Follows the instructions
  • Make sure your device is not unplugged, as this will permanently damage the system, and if the ps4 controller keeps disconnecting from pc, the Bluetooth windows 10 issue will most likely be resolved.

Reset Your Connections

  • Disable your controllers from Bluetooth, then hold the “PS + Share” buttons for a few secs.
  • On releasing the button, it searches for new connections.
  • Reconnect it with Bluetooth and see if it might work properly.

Start Steam

  • Instead of closing the DS4 window, minimize it and launch “Steam.”
  • Assuming that your controllers have been discovered by Steam, press the “PS” button to initiate in big picture mode.
  • Finally, launch the Steam game from your Steam library to see if the ps4 controller keeps disconnecting from the pc steam error is resolved.

Go to Troubleshoot Bluetooth Settings

  • Press the “Window + I” keys to open the setting.
  • Select Settings> Update & Security> Troubleshoot> Additional Troubleshooters
  • In the “find and fix Other problems” options, click on Bluetooth.
  • Click on the “Run the Troubleshooter” button, and see if the problem is resolved.

PS4 Cache Cleaning

To resolve the ps4 controller that keeps disconnecting from the pc Bluetooth issue, you can clean the cache on the PS4.

  • Turn “OFF” Ps4, and wait a while.
  • Then unplug the power cord from the console for a minute and turn “ON” Ps4.

Take Out the USB Cable.

If you discover that your wire has been damaged, you can disconnect the USB cable and connect via Bluetooth service. Or you can change the wire as well. By changing it, you see your problem is solved.

It’s also possible that if you’ve been using the same USB port to connect external devices for a long time, it’s become ratcheted or stopped working. In this case, connect controllers to different USB ports. Also, make sure that the new connections are tight on both sides.

Final Verdict

We hope you enjoyed our blog about why ps4 controller keeps disconnecting from pc. If you are experiencing issues with your controller disconnecting after connecting it to your pc, the following tips should help! If your controller constantly disconnects when you try to play the game on your PC, it may be due to your settings. Use the right driver and connection settings on your PC to fix this. Thank you for reading!


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