Ryzen 3900x vs Ryzen 3900xt: Which One is Better?

No one can deny the importance of a CPU for the great performance of computers and PC. Intel and AMD have both been competing in the CPU market for decades, and with the release of AMD’s new Threadripper and Intel’s Nehalem processors, the competition is only going to get more heated.

The Ryzen processor is more than just a CPU, there are also new 3900xt CPUs that come with great improvements and provide great gaming experiences to the people. It has more cores, and faster speeds, and can do more things with less power.

Ryzen 3900x vs Ryzen 3900xt

AMD’s latest entry to the Ryzen family, the 3900x boasts 36% more cores than its predecessor. The 3900x is an excellent choice for those looking for the best price-to-performance ratio at a given time. Like its predecessor, the 3900x also features a modern 14nm design with a 5GHz advertised clock speed.

The American and European markets were recently treated to the release of AMD’s newest Ryzen 3900x and 3900xt processors, respectively. Armed with a 3.8-4.6GHz clock speed, the most powerful 12-core CPU AMD has ever released is likely to be their flagship for many years to come. In this article, we have revised the specs of both Ryzen 3900x and 3900xt as a comparison to differentiate which one is better than the others.

What is Ryzen 3900x?

AMD’s new Ryzen 3900x is a powerhouse processor, and it comes with a big price tag. It can do anything you might want to do with a high-end computer, including gaming and streaming video at the same time.

The Ryzen 9 3900x has a base clock of 3.8GHz and a boost clock of 4.6GHz when the mode is set to “best performance” mode in BIOS. It has 8 cores and 16 threads, while the Intel Core i9-9900K has 8 cores and 16 threads.

What is Ryzen 3900xt?

Ryzen 3900xt is the newest member of the Ryzen 3000 series of processors and is a rebranded form of Ryzen 3900x. It can be purchased through many retailers and has a significant power difference from its predecessor, the Ryzen 2700x and 3600x CPUs.

Typically, two processors will be right for one situation, depending on what you need them for. The 3900xt is better if you want to do heavy video editing or use high-end applications like Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop. Ryzen 3900xt has 6MB of Li cache and 64 MB of L3 cache while Ryzen 3900x comes with 64 MB of L3 cache. Both of these have the same manufacturing process.

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Let’s Have A Look At The Specs Of Both Ryzen 3900x And 3900xt

SpecsRyzen 3900xRyzen 3900xt
Cores / Threads12/2412/24
Base Clock3.8 GHz3.9 GHz
Max Boost Clock4.6 GHz4.7 GHz
TDP105 W105 process 7nm7nm
ArchitectureZEN 2ZEN 2
FP32 Performance2,649.6 GFLOPS2,707.2 GFLOPSDie
Size74 mm²74 mm²
Transistors 3,800 million19200 million
TDP 105 W105 W

Ryzen 3900x vs Ryzen 3900xt

Both of the Ryzen processors are excellent for their performance. After Ryzen 9 3900x the next 3900xt CPUs have come with great improvements with the same Matisse Zen. It is outgoing zen with core-to-core latency that enhances the charm of its performance. They have the same power consumption and the AMD has offered the new CPUs at the same price as the prior Matisse Zen 2 CPUs. The infinity fabric mesh facilitates the user with great single core performance, hence providing great gaming results. All specs are available on the official page of AMD.

Ryzen CPU Benchmarks Comparison

To check the difference between Ryzen 3900x and Ryzen 3900xt, many tests have been done on the same ring for differentiation. For getting a great gaming performance, the Cinebench R23 should be above 1000. It is a single core point, moreover, the multi-core score should be high as it would be better but keep in mind that you can render the complex scenes in no time if multi-core points are above 20k. Intel Core processor shows great performance but single and multi-core performance is much better than Intel Core processors at the same price.

CPU Ryzen 3900x Ryzen 3900xt
SettingsSMAA T2xSMAA T2x
Average FPS181.8180.6
1% Low FPS156.7 158.2
Percentile Average96.39%95.76%
Percentile 1% Low93.50%94.39%

Both of the processors have a great price point and show better performance. These are ultra-super for games and video editing purposes. If we look at the best Ryzen processors in respect of order then Ryzen 3600, 3900x, and 3900x are in the specific order. We have done the following tests consisting of the following hardware for the next CPUs.

  • Motherboard – Asus TUF Gaming B550m Plus
  • RAM – KLEVV CRAS X RGB DDR4 RAM 2 sticks of 8GB @3600MHz
  • GPU – Asus ROG Strix 2080 Super
  • Storage – KLEVV CRAS C700 RGB NVME SSD 480GB
  • Cooler – Fractal Design Celsius + S24 Dynamic AIO cooler

Both processors have been tested at the stock cooling system with stock frequency. They are overclocked to 4.3 GHz and tests are also conducted with Cinebench R15 single-core, Cinebench R15 multi-core, cinebench R20 single-core, and 7-Zip compression, and decomposition scores and handbrake video conversion timing. Both of these Ryzen CPUs are refresh generation and are better than 10th Generation Intel I core with 3.8 GHz Ryzen.


BenchmarksRyzen 3900xRyzen 3900xt
Cinebench R23 (Single-Core)1302, +3 %1342
Cinebench R23 (Multi-Core) 18233, +218549
Passmark CPU (Single-Core)2725 2774, +2%
Passmark CPU (Multi-Core)  3248332745, +1%
Geekbench 5 (Single-Core)12941333, +3%

Ryzen 3900xt VS Ryzen 3900x: General Review Rate and Comparison

CharacteristicsRyzen 3900xRyzen 3900xt
Single-Core PerformancePerformance in single-threaded apps and benchmarks7678
Performance Measure performance when all cores are involved8182
The power efficiency score of electricity consumption6266
NanoReview Final ScoreGeneric CPU rating7980

Ryzen 3900XT is a Newer processor released 1 year later and comes with a 2% higher Turbo Boost frequency (4.7 GHz vs 4.6 GHz) vs Ryzen 3900x. Ryzen 3900xt comes with a 100% great performance percentile rate and MB l3 cache. Its modern warfare and test bench have proved its performance crown. While Ryzen 3900x is also great for performance with a unique manufacturing process, multi-core performance, and l1 cache quality. Hence, R9 3900xt is preferable and great in performance vs r9 3900x.

Which One Is The Best Ryzen Processor?

Ryzen 3900xt comes with great improvements than Ryzen 3900x.

What Is the Best Quality Of Ryzen 3900x?

It is considered the best one from previous due to its great mainstream process and features.

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