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Samsung has become a renowned market leader in mobile devices around the world. The latest Samsung phones include many built-in features. Samsung’s services work when you do so with your smartphone. Here we talk about companies run Samsung mobile.

Samsung is a global leader in the cell phone manufacturing business. Samsung’s latest cell phones offer a various variety of features. When you start your mobile phone, this service will automatically start. The inCallUI app, which is run by Samsung cell phones, is presented here.

What is com android incallui?

Com Android Incallui is a phone application that allows users to make and take phone calls from any location. The app functions as a caller ID and call forwarding service, allowing people to keep their current phone number and still receive calls from other Com customers. The application also includes voice commands that allow people to make calls without having to use the keyboard or touch the screen.

The UI boxes that show the caller ID and indicate that you may not accept the call and so communicate with a message; as well as the display that appears when you have accepted the call; are all part of the InCallUI. Call UI is a system service that works all activities during a call and is a lasting feature that is built into the telephone OS.

Features of com android incallui

When you make a call or get a telephone call, the cell phone screen shows an option to call back the possibility of using services.

  • It allows the user to disconnect the call
  • To record the call
  • To put the call on hold
  • To quiet the call
  • To open up the other functions with the home button
  • To include someone else calls (group call)
  • Furthermore, it will disable the screen during conversation and your ear doesn’t do some other touch in mobile phone

Develop android applications in your free time. Incallui means “In Call User Interface”. This is the part of the software that’s set up to run while you are speaking on a phone call.

This area permits you to switch over to the telephone as well as hang up on calls, based on your discretion.

When you follow a few straightforward actions, your cell phone will be able to send a text message that is hidden from your contacts.

Long-distance phone calls that operate like secret admirer pranks may also be executed if you use a phone that is personally and privately owned. If you send a text message from your phone, that special someone will find out it is from you.

How to fix com android incallui if it is not working?

The error message “Samsung Android inCallUI not working” appears in cases every once in a while. If necessary, you must try rebooting the device, or the error may be my phone’s conventional caller ID. To address this problem, please read on.

Begin by going to the settings. Then go to settings and apps. Look for incallUI in the apps. The choices will be there if you tap on them. Then, press the cache on the button. If clearing the cache does not solve the issue, try restarting your phone and checking for software updates in about phone  > Software  > Check for Updates.

Drupe or Google Phone can be downloaded and installed. These applications are both excellent calling programs, and by taking advantage thereof, you can prevent receiving the error message  The IncallUI has stopped.

How to Stop this App Permanently

It cannot be eliminated from your device, but you can put it to work in the background or on a manual basis. Whenever you receive a call, it won’t be contrary to your command. To put it another way, you simply have to tell the phone that you are always working and that you’re able to handle your calls.

  1. Go to the Settings tab then go to Applications and search for a phone in every application. 
  2. Look for com Samsung android incallui after you have located that then tap the 3 dots and click on the option called Show machine applications then navigate to the system apps section.
  3. After that, open one of these and wipe out the store in each one.
  4. After the incallui user interface has been disabled. 
  5. The following objects will appear on your monitor next. 
  6. To put a phone on hold. Even, to make a recording of a call. Then hang up. 
  7. To reduce the call. 
  8. Hit on the house button, you can then access other features.


In conclusion, com android incallui is a beneficial app that can be used for various purposes. It is a user-friendly app that can be easily operated by anyone. Therefore, it is highly recommended to download com android incallui and experience its amazing features.

As a part of our efforts to patiently receive or make a call, add another individual to a conference call, mute or hold a phone call, and record the conversation, the incallui’s job is to ensure these routine actions take place. The article above also has details on ways to fix the Failure of error. has made itself useless in order not to go back to normal using your services. Remember that is an important system that you ought not to uninstall.

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