Minecraft Realm Commands

Minecraft is obviously one of the most favorite sandbox games for all the youngsters and mostly friends want to play this game together. It is possible only by realms. 

Realms are the best way for hosting the server that allows the player to create and manage a private server where you can play with your friends and favorite players. 

For this the player requires to use the realms properly that is not possible without commands. You may call commands cheats but in actuality these are the way to play the game without wasting the time. 

Here we will talk about the Minecraft realms command that are useful for players and help them a lot in playing this challenging and heart-warming game. 

The realms are available for the players in Minecraft with a 30- day trial and after that it involves the paid subscriptions.

To play the game in the best way you need the commands that are words, codes, or phrases. They enhance the effects on the Minecraft world and save the player’s time. 

The realm contains three different world slots and one additional slot for all the mini-games. Each slot of the realm has a different world setting, and you can activate only one slot at one time. 

Realm operators use commands to send private messages and to set the world spawn point. It allows the player to choose their selective and trustworthy players to whom he can play and promote. 

You can send messages, invite the player or ignore the request of one who didn’t accept your request.


Best Minecraft Realm Commands

Following are the best Minecraft realm commands for the players that help them a lot in playing the game.

  1. /replace item
  2. /difficulty
  3. /msg, /w, /tell
  4. /game rule
  5. /set block
  6. /clone
  7. /tell raw
  8. /effect
  9. /game mode
  10. /weather
  11. /tp or /teleport


The purpose of using commands is to make work easy. /replaceitem is mostly known for replacing one item with another item. Sometime while fighting with the enemies the player wants to replace its item such as sword with the pickaxe or with another then instead of moving towards the crafting table he can directly change the item by using this command.

It helps the player a lot during the battle and all such situations. With this command you can replace the item in the hand of our enemy also. Suppose if you want to replace the bow of the skeleton with a potato or any other item.

2. /difficulty

If you want to change the difficulties coming in the game directly to the realms then it is only possible with the help of /difficulty realm command. You can make any type of change with the help of this command that you can’t do with the realm server. In the simple game, Minecraft doesn’t allow the player to make any change. You can say it is cheating also but for the players it is very useful.

3./msg, /w, /tell

If you are playing with your friend or a group, and you want to send any private message to your friend then you can use /msg, /w, /tell command for this purpose.  This command allows the player to send a message without knowing anyone. It keeps the complete privacy of the player.


There will be no one who wants to die during the game especially when the player has enchanted weapon, and it is scattered all over the ground then he can use /gamerule keep inventory true command to change the rule of the game. Although it is illegal, you can still use it. You can also change the other rules of the game via this command,


For changing the setting of the block’s player can use /setblock along with the /fill command. It also helps the player to build up the things and other structures in the realm structure. With the help of this command you can also replace the blocks including air.


In order to duplicate any built item in Minecraft you can use /clone. This command allows the player to duplicate or clone some other item whether it is your friend’s item or another.  It helps the player to make more decorations in its Minecraft house.


The other most known realm command is /tellraw command that is for modification of the text font for the chat. You can choose your favorite font size on the realm server. You can also create the command of your own choice from the mincraftjson.com.


For enhancing potion effect in the realm server for you and your friend you can use the /effect command. It helps the player to make infinite time best for him. You can get this command in the following way /effect give [place-name] [effect ID] [time]

9. /gamemode:

/gamemode command allows the player to fast shift between survival, adventure, creative and spectator mode. It is mostly used when you make Minecraft realm with your friend while he doesn’t have any game mode.


In Minecraft a lot of changes occur in the weather that comes as a challenge for the players such as rain, snow and many others. It lags the performance of the player and creates problems for him. /weather command allows the players to stop these changes and rain for enhancing the performance of the player in the game.

11./tp or /teleport

/tp or /teleport command allows the player to easily teleport from one place to another where you like to go. You can use this command to meet with your friend.

Final Thought:

These are a few commands that you can use in Minecraft for enhancing your performance and saving your time.

Frequently Asks Questions

What Is The Main Role Of The Realm In Minecraft?

Realm helps the player to manage their private server where he can play with his friends.

Are Realms A Way Of Cheating?

Yes you may say that reals are cheats as they allow the player a lot of command such as difficulty, weather and to add cheat or others.


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